1. Principle of dynamic sphere

Set of round movements – marui. There are a great number of circles (horizontal, vertical and diagonal) that altogether make a sphere with a center in the abdomen – seika tanden. This sphere is called dynamical because all techniques are based on perpetual change of the static and dynamic balance, as well as the application of the principle of the moving circle that moves along with the man.

2. Principle of harmony and synchronization

01Harmony is connected with fulfillment of the principle of non-confronting, ie there shouldn’t be a direct way of confronting for it would mean fitting into the attacker’s energy. This marks out the harmony of the parts in one whole, which is achieved by complete control of the mind, the will, the movements of the body, and therefore requires continual and long practice while synchronization refers to the coincidence of time.

3. Principle of speed

The speed is an essential element and manifested as an ability to avoid a direct attack, and also to prolong the inert movement of the attacker in the right moment. However, rushing and speed should not be taken one for another.

4. Control of guiding principle

Practically, this means ruling the movements of the opponent as a result of his confusion with the unexpected changes of the movement or a lock over some part of his body. To achieve this One must establish one’s own control first – physical and mental, ie a relaxed situation with readiness to react in a fraction of a second, while fear and distress have to be completely eliminated. It is rightfully said that the secret lies in the calmness of the spirit.